『Raku Studio Waraku』

Raku studio Waraku is located in Gion district, Kyoto Japan.
Mr. Shitibei Tanzakuya established Raku Studio Tanzakuya in the 1830's and the family remained the studio nearly 180 years, right up to the present time.
In 1918,Mr. Heihachirou Togo (Admiral Togo) visited our studio and
recognized the quality of the workmanship. He presented us the word WARAKU ( WA signifies harmony) with a signed paper. Mr.Shouhiti Kawasaki (4th generation) was absolutely delighted with this honor and he changed the studio name to Raku Studio Waraku.
In 2016 Mr.Motoo Kawasaki became the 8th generation of Raku Studio Waraku and he would like to inform about Raku to many persons all over the world.